Agility in the Screen Industry
Envy Studios, Level 2, 55 Anzac Avenue Auckland City
6pm Drinks - Start at 630pm.


Brenda Leeuwenberg is a consultant who crosses the worlds of business and digital production. She helps organisations to create and build on effective digital strategies that work for their business and their people.

Brenda has been the Head of Digital and Head of Innovation at NZ On Air, where she ran the Digital Media Fund as well as being part of the Senior Leadership Team. Prior to this, Brenda set up and managed the NZ screen showcase website NZ On Screen. She has worked extensively in the digital media and internet sectors, both in NZ and Europe, and played a key role in developing support for women in the NZ internet industry in the late 1990s. In 2018 Brenda was appointed to the Ministerial Advisory Group for Digital Economy and Digital Inclusion.

Making film, television and digital story-telling is hard. You all know this, you live and breathe it every day.

You bring your passion, your talent, your energy and life to every production you work on.

And it's expensive, things take a long time, there are so many people to involve, so much money to find.

In the last ten years of working with people in the film and tv world it's been Brenda's experience that there are massive amounts of waste - of time, money and energy - just by doing things the way they've always been done. What you end up with is fantastic but often much of what you create is not what the audience is looking for, or ends up on the cutting room floor.

Her work has bridged the creative and business worlds and what she has seen in film and tv she has also seen in business and software development. Right now Brenda works with businesses to help optimise how they work, to look at tools and processes that result in products their customers love, that are more relevant and useful, and that take less time to create.

In this session she will introduce some of these tools to you. Brenda will talk about Agile and how it could be applied to your world. We'll look at the parallels between business/software and film/tv production.

Brenda: "What I would love is to work with you to explore options for how working in a different way can help you to succeed.

I don't pretend for an instant to be able to do what you do - but I do have ideas for how you could do it a bit differently."

Come along and find out what is possible.

This is the first of a series of business-orientated workshops WIFT has in store for you!

Programme is brought to you with generous support from the NZ Film Commission and Foundation North.