Data wrangling, and how to reduce manic tendencies in the post-production process
Images and Sound 113 Grafton Road Grafton Auckland 1010
6pm Drinks - Start at 630pm.

We always strive to outdo ourselves so here you go!

Data wrangling, and how to reduce manic tendencies in the post-production process

In the driest seminar yet to be presented by WIFT, we intend to reawaken old traumas and explore the nitty gritty of the horrendous labyrinth that is post-production data wrangling. If you enjoy this session, you are clearly either a) too new to be emotionally scarred by this area, or b) elsewhere.

Why would you come (no seriously, why would you come?). Because maybe. MAYBE. Through being here, you will get your creative vision to screen with all scenes in place. Maybe it will be less painful. Maybe it will be higher quality. Maybe your DCP will play. Maybe you will burn fewer bridges, spend less money, and tear out a modicum less hair.

Your guides through this evening of horror are two of Images & Sounds loveliest:

Tristan Simpson: Workflow & Deliverables Specialist. Tristan knows this stuff intimately - so intimately you would think the man never went outside. He knows everything about it that this writer could ever imagine anyone knowing, and far more than is natural. He dresses very well.

Samantha Jukes: Post-Production Producer. Sam knows how to ask the questions that make the things that are paining you so much, happen. And she knows some of the answers. Sam's dress sense is absolutely fine.


Please send in advance any questions you have that you'd like answered - such as:

- can any drive be used for a DCP?

- can I have other files on my DCP drive?

- what's the most user-friendly type of video file?

- what file type should I use for my masters?

- what's the difference between a .edl and a .aaf - when should I use each?

- should my .aaf files be embedded or unimbedded?

- what is offline, what is online, what is a conform and do I need one?

- how does TCIP work?

- what's an IMF?

- who is the BFG?

- what is reversioning for delivery - can I just use one file?

Date:  Wednesday 29 May, 6pm for a 6.30pm start

Venue:  Images and Sound, 113 Grafton Road, Grafton

We promise WINE. WINE and more WINE, plus nibbles of course!

Members free  Non-members $15


Programme is brought to you with generous support from the NZ Film Commission and Foundation North.