In Conversation with Pietra Brettkelly

In Conversation with Pietra Brettkelly

Posted Monday 20 Mar 2023

Intrepid, tenacious and dedicated, Pietra Brettkelly is a three-times Oscar selected and Sundance award-winning NZ filmmaker and we're thrilled she's agreed to head south for this documentary-focused workshop in Christchurch.
Pietra's documentary features include Yellow Is Forbidden, A Flickering Truth, Māori Boy Genius, The Art Star And The Sudanese Twins and Beauty Will Save The World. In 2019 she received the inaugural New Zealand Arts Laureate in Documentary, and at the 2020 WIFT NZ Awards, Pietra won the South Pacific Pictures Award for Achievement in Film "for creating unique, intimate, beautiful cinematic works that open a window into another world".

Christchurch director Vanessa Wells will facilitate the discussion where Pietra will be shedding light on:

  • Why she chose documentary as the medium for her storytelling; 
  • What makes a great documentary idea;
  • How to craft a powerful narrative within documentary;
  • How to navigate the funding process for documentary projects;
  • How to nurture a sustainable career as a documentary maker.

Pietra and Oscar nominated producer Chelsea Winstanley are running a Boosted campaign for her latest project, Crocodile, a coming-of-age documentary film about a group of Nigerian kids and young adults who are making their own sci-fi feature film. 

Click here to support the Crocodile Boosted campaign 

WIFT NZ members free; non members $15 cash; includes wine and nibbles.

RSVP essential to office@wiftnz.org.nz

Please note the earlier start time 5:30pm networking for a 6:00pm workshop start.

Date: Tuesday 21 Mar 2023
Location: Attraction Studio, 204 St Asaph St, Christchurch
Time: 5:30pm networking for a 6:00pm start


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Wednesday 29 Mar 2023

In Conversation With Helen Bowden

Helen Bowden is one of Australia’s most celebrated drama producers. Her company Lingo Pictures partnered with recently formed production company Luminous Beast to produce After the Party, a 6 x 43 minute episode show currently shooting in Wellington.

Come along to hear about Helen’s approach to co-productions. 

Facilitator: Georgina Allison Conder 

Georgina Conder from Miss Conception Films is a Wellington based film and TV producer. MCF focuses on marginalized voices especially female, Maori, Pasifika and immigrants and is responsible for recent Kiwi films  Cousins, Red, White and Brass and TV series Not Even.

Some of the topics and questions Helen and Georgina will explore are:

  • What does it take to make an tv series with international appeal?
  • How does one nurture a successful co-production with international partners?
  • How can you determine who the best partner(s) for you and your project?
  • Traditional broadcasting platform or streaming service? Which is best for your project?

WIFT members free; non members $15 cash; includes wine and nibbles.

RSVP essential to office@wiftnz.org.nz

Wednesday 21 Jun 2023

Sharon Menzies: What I've learned along the way

For the past 25 years Sharon Menzies has grappled with, and solved, cashflow finance; 15 of those years for 450 film and television projects across Australasia.  

Producers know that without the cashflow they would be generally unable to complete production. And in some cases innovative and creative financing solutions are needed to get stories to screen.

What is cashflow finance? How are productions being financed in our post-COVID world? How has finance changed over the 15 years Sharon led Fulcrum? Sharon will share tips to make cashflow financing easier and decrease financing costs.

So many questions and so much information to be shared!  AND, what is Sharon going to do now?  Come along to this essential workshop to find out!

Facilitator: Jill Macnab 
Jill Macnab is the General Manager of Vendetta Films, a leading Australia-New Zealand film distribution company, and is also co-owner of their sister company, Vendetta Productions. She is the producer of feature film Born To Dance, feature documentary In The Zone, interactive project Give Kate A Voice, and has executive produced a number of other features and documentaries, adding to a slate of projects in varying stages of development.

Programme is brought to you with generous support from the NZ Film Commission and Foundation North.