Māori Television: Insights & Opportunities

Māori Television: Insights & Opportunities

Posted Friday 05 Mar 2021

It's probably a while since most of you have had direct interaction with Māori Television and a lot has changed, so we're delighted to bring you Hinurewa Poutu, Director of Language and Content, and Lanita Ririnui, Content Commissioner, who will tell you exactly who is doing what at Māori Television and what plans are for the year ahead for the new team.

You're likely to be surprised by the opportunities there are, no matter your ethnicity.  Find out what they're looking for, and not looking for (just as important), the best way to approach them and what the cultural requirements are for commissioned content and acquisitions.

Hinurewa and Lanita will also share their insights into the best way for you to pitch to a broadcaster, whoever that may be.

Spread the word far and wide to your fellow screen industry people.

This is a unique occasion in Christchurch - we hope to see you all there!

5pm drinks for 5:30pm sharp start

Drinks and nibbles provided

Members free. Non-members $15

LOCATION: Screen CanterburyNZ ChristchurchNZ offices, Unit 3 / Level 3, 101 Cashel St.

Take the elevators that are near Spark and Michael Hill Jewellers

RSVP to office@wiftnz.org.nz

Date: Tuesday 23 Mar 2021
Location: Screen CanterburyNZ ChristchurchNZ offices, Unit 3 / Level 3, 101 Cashel St.
Time: 5pm drinks for 5:30pm sharp start


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Tuesday 27 Apr 2021

Anything Is Possible!

How do you make a feature film without formal funding from any of the NZ funding bodies? Come along to this special workshop and hear the tale of these intrepid filmmakers and be inspired!


The Turn Of The Screw had its World Premiere at the 2020 Shanghai International Film Festival, and has garnered a number of official selections and awards overseas, including:

Official Selection: Shanghai International Film Festival 2020, China Golden Rooster Awards 2020 (Chinese Oscars) and Terror In the Bay Film Festival 2020 (Canada)
Winner - Best Picture: Istanbul Film Awards 2020
Winner - Best Horror Film: L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival 2020
Winner - Best Horror Film: Chicago Indie Film Awards 2020

The Turn of the Screw is a fantastic example of a film that is contained, makes use of the resources available to the filmmakers and targets the budget to the areas that will make the greatest impact so it punches far above its weight. The shoot itself was 10 days and people were paid for their time involved, proving it is possible to do that.

At this workshop we watch the film and then hear openly from the Producers, Director, Actors and HODs in a no-holds-barred Q & A.  How did they do it?

For more information on the film and the trailer please see turnofthescrewfilm.com

Members free; non-members $15  (Cash bar, nibbles provided)

RSVP essential to office@wiftnz.org.nz

Wednesday 05 May 2021

Screen industry: get in on the game development action!

Did you know that the revenue of the international gaming sector is larger than that of the movie and music sectors combined?

We're hearing a lot about the prevalence and success of games – games that are extensions of films and make more $$ than the original film, games festivals where hundreds of people watch gamers compete, games your children use for school...

So, where do you as screen workers fit into this microcosm?

This workshop is part one of a series of two. In this first workshop we will get an overview of New Zealand’s gaming industry, what roles are available, where story fits into the equation and many other useful facts.  Part two will cover maximising opportunities to develop games as part of your brand extension.

We bring you a fabulous panel of experts:

Moderator:  Aliesha Staples, Managing Director, Staples VR


  • Joe Chang, Director, Eyemobi
  • Maru Nihoniho (MNZM), Founder and Managing Director, Metia Interactive
  • Lena Yaroshenko, rigger and 3D artist for Grinding Gear Games
  • Edwin McRae, Narrative Designer for Video Games
  • Krystal Paraone, Studio Manager, Game Developer

Members free; non-members $15 – drinks and nibbles included.

RSVP essentialoffice@wiftnz.org.nz

Programme is brought to you with generous support from the NZ Film Commission and Foundation North.