Safety Rocks The Cradle
Random Group, ground floor, 43 Hanson St, Mt Cook
6pm Drinks - Start at 630pm.

Welcome to our new year of programming! With generous support from Screen Wellington we are starting by making sure you are safe!!

No film is worth dying for - Steven Spielberg.

The advance of digital technology has enabled more and more people to pick up their cameras and start shooting films, which is great! What we do need to remind ourselves is that with a great film shoot, comes great responsibility, that of keeping the crew, cast and wider public safe.

This workshop will give a broad overview of the responsibilities we have under the Health and Safety at work Act 2015, while providing an outline of key areas to consider at each stage of production to help keep crew welfare at the forefront of your planning.

We'll talk about guns, harassment, intimacy and fatigue. Discuss the paperwork you may require for your safety files, show examples of templates and guides you frequently need to make sure you are meeting best practice.

Safety is all our responsibilities!

Our presenter is Louise Spraggon.

Louise started her film career in the UK where she worked as an animation director and writer, before moving into the production world as an assistant producer with Hot Animation, makers of Bob the Builder and then as a development producer in London, for the Channel 4 TV animator in residence scheme.

She has extensive experience in the education sectors in New Zealand and the UK, having worked as a lecturer, teacher and workshop facilitator with museums and galleries across both countries.

Now living in Aotearoa Louise continues to work in the film industry splitting her time between Assistant Directing and as on set Health and Safety officer, working on commercials, dramas, features and short films.

Louise is passionate about ensuring the welfare of all contributors to a production, no matter its size or budget.


Programme is brought to you with generous support from the NZ Film Commission and Foundation North.