The Impact of Foley: Sound as a Character
Images and Sound 113 Grafton Road Grafton Auckland 1010
6pm drinks, start at 6:30pm sharp

Explore the art behind making believeable and memorable characters through sound.

Foley artist Narelle Ahrens and musician and composer Andrew Thorne, with Steve Finnigan Head of Sound, Images & Sound, will demonstrate practical foley performance, recording techniques and editorial.

From a Director's and Producer's perspective, understanding where to put your post dollars is key. We'll discuss how foley can make a huge impact - even with a small budget.

Check out the new foley suite at Images & Sound, and in the room, see how they layer different sound elements.

Find out more about the presenters:

Narelle Ahrens

Andrew Thorne

Steve Finnigan


Programme is brought to you with generous support from the NZ Film Commission and Foundation North.