WIFT NZ Events

WIFT NZ, Women in Film and Television Incorporated, is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to delivering education, professional development, networking and support services to women and others working in film, television and associated industries.

WIFT NZ is part of an established international network of over 44 chapters worldwide, representing more than 14,000 members. WIFT Wellington started in 1993, followed by WIFT Auckland in 1995 and WIFT Christchurch in 1996.  In 2009 the regional chapters merged to become WIFT NZ. A full history of WIFT in New Zealand is available here.

WIFT NZ's aims are to provide information and career support; to offer an educational forum; to promote and safeguard the interests of women in film and television; to recognise women's achievements in the industry; and to build capacity and benefit the screen industry as a whole.

To achieve these aims, WIFT NZ runs a full and varied programme of workshops, events, and  mentoring; offers a varied range of purchasing discounts; issues a regular newsletter; and provides networking, information and support services.

The organisation is overseen by a national board.  Day-to-day operations and activities are managed and delivered by the WIFT NZ office, staffed by an executive director and part-time staff.

Distinguished screen woman Philippa Boyens serves as WIFT NZ Patron.

WIFT NZ is governed by a national representative board voted for annually by full members.  Operations are managed by an executive director and part-time staff.


Kelly Martin
Board member

Nicola Olsen
Board member

Sharon Menzies
Chair, Producers Professional Programme

Jill Macnab
Board member

Vanessa Wells
Board member

Kat Lintott
Board Member


Patricia Watson
Executive Director