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Patricia Watson is the Executive Director of WIFT NZ.  She has had an extensive career in the arts, media and marketing for over 30 years, having held senior executive positions including Country Manager of Fairfax Business Media and CEO of POL Corporate Publications Pty Ltd and POL Equipment Pty Ltd (distributor of various international luxury goods).

As Group Editorial Manager / International Business Development Manager for Pacific Publications and prior to that for many years Editorial Business Manager for Conde Nast Asia Pacific (publisher of the VOGUE titles) she has developed international markets and products (including a television series for children) for Australian magazines in Asia and Europe.

As a marketing consultant clients have included Calvin Klein Asia, various publishers, rights collecting societies and an Australian political leader. Patricia is recognized as a publishing industry expert on copyright and is co-author of the extensive survey and report commissioned by CAL (the Copyright Agency Ltd) on copyright and contractual arrangements in publishing.

She has served on a number of Boards and funding bodies, including many years on the Board of the Sydney Film Festival, and time as Chairman of The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and Chairman and President of The Australian Museum. Patricia returned to New Zealand in 2006.


Kelly Martin
Board member

Nicola Olsen
Board member

Sharon Menzies
Chair, Producers Professional Programme

Jill Macnab
Board member

Vanessa Wells
Board member

Kat Lintott
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