Writer, Actor, Director, Producer

April wrote both original screenplays and her company Godiva Productions Limited co-produced.  "Letter For Hope" is a contemporary and inspirational drama and the other film could not be more different.  "Utu Pihikete"is a period piece set in colonial New Zealand.

Both films were executive produced by CAS'n'OVA Productions and self-funded with a budget of over $50,000 each and employing over 80 Wellington cast and crew.  "We benefitted from a lot of goodwill from experienced and professional film-makers who were inspired by the personnel and the script to join the projects".

"Letter For Hope" was directed by WIFT member Raquel Roderick ("Baby") and "Utu Pihikete" was directed by CAS'n'OVA director, Craig Hutchison.  Cinematographer on both films was Matt Sharp ("Eternity", "When Night Falls", "Broken Glass"). Fortunately for Phillips, both directors cast her in lead roles although she explains it wasn't obligatory!

"I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to see my scripts brought to life by extremely talented film practitioners, and to have been able to act in them as well is living the dream."

After a frantic year in 2013 when, in addition to making two short films, Phillips also saw the professional premiere of her stage play "Motel" in Auckland, won an NZWG film treatment competition, received her second SWANZ nomination, and was the recipient of the PANZ Doug Wrenn Award for Achievement, what's next in 2014?

Godiva and CAS'n'OVA are in pre-production to make a feature film based on Phillips' critically acclaimed stage play "Motel". There will be more productions of the stage play, and the premiere of April's latest theatre drama.  She's also working on a comedy feature script and bound to be including a role for herself!

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