DOP, Cinematographer

Bayley is an Auckland based up-and-coming female DOP. Originally from Australia, she came to New Zealand in 2019 and loves her new home both professionally and as a place to live and explore. Breaking into an industry in a new country, especially one that can be pretty male dominated, isn't easy. But in her short time here she has already shot a number of notable projects:


Salvation Army - Red Shield Appeal TVC

Cavius Smoke Alarm Commercial

Segments for On The Rag & Two Sketchers for The Spinoff

Friendvertising Skinny Commercial Content

Monteith's Merch Stand Commercial Content

B Camera Operator Friggin Dangerous Bro - On The Road TVNZ OnDemand Series


Her goals are to shoot more short films and music videos, and to make more new connections within the industry. Her long-term goal is to be a prominent and successful female DP within the New Zealand, Australian and International film industry.

"The construction of a filmed image, translation of light through a lens and working with passionate directors and crew is what really excites me about filmmaking," she says.




M: +64 204 178 1994

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