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Pamela Kaval is an emerging filmmaker, screenwriter, author, producer and actor. She loves children’s stories, as well as comedies, dramas, horrors, thrillers, and documentaries. She has written and produced many short films, including the multi-award winning film, Mothering Sunday, which won her writing, producing and acting awards (as well as many other awards for the rest of her team). 

Her short comedy thriller film Under Cover is about two women who go to a party to determine the intentions of their friend’s current boyfriend and find out more than they could have ever imagined. 

She is now concentrating her time on writing and producing series and feature films, and, as such, has started her own film production company called Wildaval Productions, a sustainably-minded film production company.

Prior to filmmaking, Pamela was conducting sustainability and biodiversity research and professionally editing books and academic articles. She has over 100 publications under her belt, which have focused on topics such as endangered species, turtles, seals, wildfire, ecosystem services, recreation, mainland islands and sustainable agriculture.

Pamela carries her love of nature as a recurring theme in many of her films and books. In fact, her book, Getting to the Galapagos, a children’s middle grade adventure story about Galapagos tortoises, was inspired by her environmental work trip to the Galapagos Islands. This particular trip is also where she discovered her passion for writing and filmmaking.

Pamela is currently seeking funding for her script, The Shoebox, a thriller drama about an anxious grieving mother uncovering terrifying family secrets, who finds that she must act quickly to save her daughter’s life. This story is the first chapter in the miniseries called Welcome to Kikino, where Kikino is Māori for evil.

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