Rouzie is a Bulgarian born writer/director, who lived in London for twenty years before moving to New Zealand in May. She studied Film and Video at London College of Communications, where her graduation film Glashedy was awarded with Distinction. To date, she has written and directed a number of award-winning shorts including the charity musical Vicky and the internationally licensed Tree Without A Root. Her debut feature film Radiogram has screened at over fifteen international film festivals and has won three awards. The Bulgaria / Turkey / Poland co-production was financed by the Bulgarian National Film Centre, Bulgarian National Television, the Polish Film Institute and Solis Film, Turkey. The screenplay was developed with the support of MEDIA and it took part at ScripTeast and EAVE labs. Rouzie's professional experience in the film industry started in post-production, then moved onto international film finance & distribution, production. She currently works in drama development at Great Southern TV, New Zealand. In London, she worked for the highly respected HanWay Films and Mister Smith Entertainment, as well as on the set of Welcome to the Punch by Eran Creevy.

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