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Wētā FX offers all NZ-based crew WIFT membership. You will pay an initial $20 set-up fee to WIFT and then all your fees will be covered by Wētā.

Once you’re a WIFT member, you will receive a welcome email and membership card with discount providers, fortnightly newsletters and direct emails about workshops, free movie screenings and matters of significance to the industry.

If you’re already a WIFT member, as some of you are, Wētā FX will assume responsibility for paying your annual fee. Please send an email to events@wetafx.co.nz to let us know if you are already a member.

WIFT plays a crucial role in representing and supporting women in our industry and ensuring women have an influential voice and Wētā is eager to help them to continue their important work.

As a member of the Wētā crew your membership fee will be paid by Wētā. WIFT will arrange this on your behalf.

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