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Alison Buck, Bohemia Group Executive Vice President, International

Growing up in a musical and theatrical family, Alison Buck was always destined for Hollywood. A stint in the corporate world gave her an insight on how to play the game, but she soon craved something more creative, so with a smile and an oath to never wear pantyhose again, she hopped a plane to Los Angeles.
After spending a few years in commercial casting, Alison moved on to the talent management company Bohemia Group, where she began to manage actors. It was here where the casting bug hit her hard. She was asked to cast the film Big Heart City. Working with actors (and more than a few lines of dialogue) revealed to her that casting films was a world she wanted to be a part of.
Since then, Alison has built up a diverse casting resume. She has cast union and non-union films, traditional format and new media, small and larger budget films. She reckons she has a knack for being able to attach professional and skilled talent to a film, no matter the budget. She only has one caveat - a passion for the script.
In management, Alison is the Executive VP on Bohemia's international team. Working in management and casting has allowed Alison to be a control freak in multiple areas - which she likes!


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