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Ange Palmer, Producer

"During the filming of, 2 Degrees, we shot hundreds of hours of footage, and most of that time I was lurking in the background making it all happen. There was one moment when I was compelled to step in front of the camera and speak. It was a spur of the moment thing - I suddenly felt I wanted to have a record of that big moment for myself. I never thought the clip would be made public, especially given how sleep deprived I was at the time, but I am choosing to share it now as a reminder about why I believe our film is important. This is the raw, uncut, unpolished version, complete with squeaky trolley..."

Watch Ange's cameo here : https://vimeo.com/57108785


Ange set out to make this film in early 2009.  Have a look at the website www.twodegreesmovie.com to learn more about the film and watch clips.  With the Copenhagen conference in disarray and the world economy collapsing, most of the promised production finance to complete the film disappeared. Ange avoided broadcaster funding as she was not prepared to have the highly political story compromised, so she was dependant on private investors. The next two years were spent studiously attempting to raise the money with little result, but last year an angel investor appeared and Ange is back in action, but she still needs funsd to complete the film.


"We've launched a crowd funding campaign to try and raise the remainder of the production budget," says Ange. "Crowd funding is about making things happen from the ground up…lots of small donations will add up and enable us to get this film made. So it reflects one of the strong messages of 2 Degrees. We can't wait around for multilateral agreements to make it mandatory to stop polluting the atmosphere - we all have to get on and do it ourselves."


Go to  www.indiegogo.com/2degreesmovie to support Ange's project.


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