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Bayley Broome-Peake, Director of Photography

Bayley is an Auckland-based up-and-coming DP. Originally from Australia, she came to New Zealand in 2019 and loves her new home both professionally and as a place to live and explore. Breaking into an industry in a new country, especially one that can be pretty male dominated, isn't easy. But in her short time here she has already shot a number of notable projects:

Reflections Music Video Salvation Army - Red Shield Appeal TVC

Cavius Smoke Alarm Commercial

Segments for On The Rag and Two Sketchers for The Spinoff

Friendvertising Skinny Commercial Content

Monteith's Merch Stand Commercial Content

B Camera Operator Friggin' Dangerous Bro - On The Road TVNZ OnDemand Series

Her goals include establishing new connections with directors in the industry as well as the opportunity to DP creative projects such as music videos and short films. Her long-term goal is to be a prominent and successful female DP within the New Zealand, Australian and international film industry.

"The construction of a filmed image, translation of light through a lens and working with passionate directors and crew is what really excites me about filmmaking," she says.


E: hello@bayleybp.com

W: www.bayleybp.com

M: +64 204 178 1994



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