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It's lucky that Emme Lentino has a lot of energy. The multi-talented talented singer songwriter is also an actress, radio host, indie film producer, a dance and music teacher and mum to two girls.

US-born Emme is rapidly gaining popularity for her wonderfully relatable songs that have become 'anthems of life' for her loyal fans. She primarily writes Pop, Rock, Soul and Americana music, and she's also finding much respect in the music community for her dedication in championing fellow indie artists. She is the Heart of Indie Radio co-host for the Eddie & Emme Show and is the New Zealand coordinator for the Golden Nugget International Film Festival (GNIFF) which supports and promotes new emerging filmmakers.

Originally from Oregon, Emme moved to NZ in 2010, following her heart which had been won by a Kiwi entrepreneur. The couple bought a North Island farm with an airfield and musician Emme suddenly found herself grappling with the basics of sheep farm management.

"I went from New York and riding on the subways every day to a sheep farm with 3000 sheep in rural New Zealand," she laughs.

Emme juggled life on the farm with working as a performing arts instructor to kids, teaching theatre, music and dance, and teaching song writing workshops in schools.

Tragically her first husband died of cancer, and Emme and her two small girls left their beloved farm for the suburbs of Auckland. Emme has remarried and now lives with her family on Auckland's North Shore.

She's become an expert in time management since her many projects require her to work in five or six different time zones - teaching kids dance and music on Zoom, recording interviews for Heart of Indie, coordinating the GNIFF and working with her co-producers and teams on the various screen projects she's working on.

While in Level Four Lockdown earlier this year she was involved in casting for season 2 of Isolation, a series filmed by actors in their homes then edited together. Along with British actors Matt Lucas (Little Britain) and Tracey Birdsall (Rogue Warrior), Emme also acted in the series playing a zany talent show host.

She's currently executive producing a short film called Becoming Everything with UK director Steve Leeds, and is also the film's score and music supervisor, a role she's not held before and which she relishes for its challenge.

And, she's Executive Producer for Cyberlante, produced by Raya Films and directed by Caroline Spence and James Smith.

Check out her songs Drive All Night Some Other Girl Seasons Of Life and Oxygen

Watch Emme on Youtube and find her at emmelentino.com

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