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Monica De Alwis

Exploring documentary in this experimental setting she was awarded the Head of the School's Prize for Moving Image and Sound. Upon completing her formal studies she exhibited video works in Auckland, was invited to teach at Elam and worked in several creative and research roles on lower-budget film, TV and music video productions.

She set up a production company and began work on her first feature length, narrative documentary Pretty Brutal.  See the website for more details on this exciting documentary film. Monica has become something of a multi-skilled, one-woman band, necessitated by the economic realities and DIY nature of independent filmmaking.

Going forward, she will continue to develop her strengths as a Director and Cinematographer, backed with a belief in the importance of documentary as a cultural art form that can engender discussion and action beyond the screen.

Monica De Alwis, Pretty Brutal Productions

Phone: +64 21 2394938


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