One of our members posed an interesting question recently - is the term 'film' becoming passe, or does it still retain as much currency as before? She noted that due to the many changing and advanced applications, such as digital, being used in the industry nowadays, is 'film' being an outdated term?

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  1. We changed our EITHB course name to Screen Production this year because it is increasingly the term that captures the industry our students are producing material for from phone, ipad, computer screen, TV, home cinema, indoor and outdoor cinemas.
    Film is no longer a catch-all term it is increasingly a term used to describe a specific part of the screen industry.
    Our students have produced phone apps, launched material on Youtube, made TV commercials and shot short films. The term Screen Production kept coming back as the preferred term in our research. This is reflected in various national bodies like SINZ and SPADA.
    But until we update our usage the term film lives on we eg what will we call a short film in the future?

    Posted by Claire McCormick on Tuesday, 22 November 2011 at 5:44:50 p.m.

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