Late last week the NZFC announced the full line-up of this year's premiere shorts, of which four out of six will be directed by women. Yay!

Tom Thumb Shorts:
Bee. Writer/Director: Loren Taylor. Producer: Ainsley Gardiner
Sonny, My Older Brother. Writer/Director: Tammy Davis. Producer: Chelsea Winstanley

Tauihu Shorts:
Inorganic. Director: Maria Elena Doyle. Writer: Nick Ward. Producers: Donna Pearman and Angela da Silva
Jubjub Bird. Director: Dylan Pharazyn. Writer: Paul Stanley Ward. Producer: Claire Kelly

A Collective Intake of Breath:
Night Shift. Writer/Director: Zia Mandviwalla. Producer: Chelsea Winstanley and Matt Noonan
Tiger Country. Director: Pietra Brettkelly. Writer: Sarah Boddy. Producer: Jeremy Macey


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