NZ On Screen has named its top 40 local TV series of all time and C'mon is right up there along with some classics that many members will have worked on.

The collection of Top 40 NZ TV Classics spans five decades, from turkeys in gumboots to Outrageous Fortune. The list includes one vampire with an afro, two squabbling cooks, three soap operas, and four series which are still in production today. Also on offer: classic historical epics, a landmark series viewing NZ history through its landscape, a consumer rights classic, and nail-biting images of a couple of dogs chasing after some sheep.

NZ On Screen Content Director Irene Gardiner says the collection was chosen based on website viewership, and feedback from site users. "We were looking for the shows that have truly become classics - the shows that people look back on with real fondness, and that are still remembered through the years".

Alongside the 40 series, Stuff's James Croot writes about gobbling up cheese toasties and classic Kiwi television.

The top 40 can be seen in full here, in glorious chronological order. Feel free to contact NZ on Screen  email us with your favourite shows from the list, or any titles you think they have missed.

More information about the NZ On Screen website can be found here

Go you Go Go Girls - GO!

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