The Wind Beneath our WIFT

We spend much of our time celebrating the achievements of women in our Film and Television industries, as well we should. Today we want to celebrate a company that helps us reach these heights. Without the constant and unflagging support of Grant Baker and Steve Finnigan and their team at Images and Sound, WIFT would struggle at times to bring you the calibre of presentations, speakers and events that are so important to the development of our industry. But that's not all they do behind the scenes...

Over the last 30 years, Images and Sound has lent its support through sponsorship of showcases and awards as varied as the Richmond Road Short Film Festival and 48hr Film Festival to the Qantas Film and TV Awards, the WIFT awards and The Moas. It has supported professional development through Script to Screen, SPADA and the Big Screen Symposium.  It has helped our early-career filmmakers with advice at that key early stage of production as well as with generous discounts in post-production, and collaborated with most of New Zealand's iconic female television and filmmakers to create work that is celebrated and successful both here and on the international stage.

So here's three cheers for you Images and Sound!

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