A big round of applause to Paula Boock, Donna Malane, Ainsley Gardiner, Katie Wolfe, Shoshana McCallum* and Natalie Medlock who featured in this year's SWANZ and USC Awards line up (and for those of you who were wondering, SWANZ and USC stand for Script Writer Awards NZ & Unproduced Script Competition).

*Former WIFT programme co-ordinator - we knew her before she hit the big time!

Host Nick Ward entertained and delighted the audience of writers and their supporters, as the awards were given out to:

Best One-off Drama

Jean - Paula Boock, Donna Malane

South Pacific Pictures Best Feature Film

Waru - Ainsley Gardiner, Katie Wolfe

USC Feature Film

Daisy Chain - Shoshana McCallum, Natalie Medlock

We celebrate you all!

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