NZME has announced their highly successful, free video-on-demand website,, is expanding with the launch of 16 new entertainment series and two new channels, News and Sport - and we're pleased to see the work of a WIFTer and other women in the mix.

Launched in 2015 with exclusive comedy content, WatchMe has become the premier destination for viewers looking for New Zealand-made short-form video content.  The success of WatchMe Comedy has propelled NZME to expand into broader-appeal content this year with 16 newly commissioned shows.  In addition, WatchMe will be home to NZME's growing news productions, including NZ Herald Focus, which is already streamed over a million times each week, and sports shows including the recently-released Coffee Run, Skin Deep and Stand Off.*

The shows were created by some of New Zealand's most talented writers, including Oliver Page, Florence Noble, Shoshana McCallum (who many of you will remember worked in the WIFT office while establishing her writing career) and Donna Brookbanks. The launch will include:

- In The Field with Kura Forrester - A satirical current affairs show with a New Zealand focus. Fronted by the hilarious Kura Forrester, In The Field isn't afraid to push boundaries, tackle the big issues or make you piss yourself laughing. Wait, what?
- Berry: Voiceover Artist Extraordinaire - A series that follows the trials and tribulations of Berry, a struggling voice-over artist who gets given the worst jobs by the worst people.
- Waiheke Republique - A comedy about the citizens of Waiheke Island dealing with the fallout of their independence from New Zealand.
- Tinder Nightmare - A hilarious animated recreation of the worst Tinder dates ever.
- The Intern - Ellie has just started an internship, working for her favourite radio show, Fletch, Vaughan and Megan! However, for reasons unknown, they have a vendetta against Ellie, and her dream job quickly nosedives into a daily battleground.

The new shows will debut later in April (a full roster will follow) and be available across NZME's digital sites including the full announcement, or watch the trailer.


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