Three cheers for these Wifters who have won funding from NZ On Air for their Scripted projects: Roseanne Liang's Flat 3 Prductions receives up to $1,733,889 for Creamerie for TVNZ 2, and Ainsley Gardiner's Miss Conception Films receives up to $200,000 for Cousins, for Māori Television.
Creamerie is set in a post-apocalyptic future where a viral plague has wiped out 99% of men, and Earth has become a planet run by and for women. There'll be plenty to laugh at when three Kiwi-Asian women running a dairy farm encounter - shock, horror - a man!
Meanwhile, Cousins, a seminal novel by celebrated Māori author Patricia Grace, is to be turned into a feature film, which will screen on Māori Television after its cinema release. It tells the story of three cousins connected by blood but separated by circumstances, who spend their lives searching for each other. The screenplay will be written by Patricia Grace and her daughter-in-law Briar Grace-Smith. Cousins is a Rautaki Māori project with majority funding from the NZ Film Commission.

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