Valeriya Golovina Mafialeo Ote Alowha 1

Support a fellow WIFTer and donate to Valeriya Golovina's BOOSTED campaign which is raising money for her short documentary Mawhialeo Ote Alowha / Our Love. The doco tells the story of Meli and Avito Alefosio who came to New Zealand from Tokelau in the 1970s to seek medical assistance for their blind son Joseph. Forty three years on, Meli and Avito have become the heart of a new community in Naenae, Wellington where they strive to continue the culture of their home. Valeriya needs to crowdfund for the license fees for a song used in this short film as well as festival submission fees.

Here's the link - go on, give Valeriya and her crew a BOOST!



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