Round Tahi is open

Posted Tuesday 26 Mar 2024

Round Tahi is open

Round Tahi from NZ on Air opened on 4th April 2024. Check out the guidelines. We wish you all the best with your applications. 

A minimum of $12M has been allocated for Non-Fiction projects in this round. The focus will be on larger scale Non-Fiction projects (>$500k).

A minimum of $10M has been allocated for Scripted projects in this round. They will prioritise applications seeking between $1M to $3M per project. They will not be accepting applications seeking under $1M in this round.

They will be accepting Scripted applications for screen, with a priority given to those projects intended for digital-first release, followed by potential secondary linear release, if applicable. Drama and comedy are both eligible, as is children’s content and partial financing of feature films.

The current round welcomes content development applications with platform support. However, they will only allocate funding for a very limited number of development projects in this round, and require match funding from platforms. Development applications without platform co-investment and support will not be accepted.

A minimum of $3.5M has been allocated for tamariki content in this round. In this round, they welcome both Scripted and Non-Fiction children's projects. Priority will be given to children's projects with total production budgets exceeding $500k or those intending to access the NZSPR seeking gap-funding from NZ On Air.

24 April 2024, 4pm Round closes.

5 July 2024 Decisions confirmed.

Read the full guidelines here.

Click here to access NZ on Air's dates for 2024/25.