NZ On Screen Launches National Film Unit Collection

Posted Tuesday 10 Aug 2010

NZ On Screen has launched an online sampler collection of 30 films to showcase the work of the National Film Unit which makes a total of 50 NFU films available to watch on the site. The collection celebrates the incredibly diverse output of the government body that, for nearly 50 years, filmed everything from wartime newsreels and tourism promos to historical TV epics. It bred NZ's first Oscar nominations, pioneering female directors, political controversy, and was a key industry training ground. Screen alumni include Sam Neill, John Laing, Sam Pillsbury, Selwyn Toogood, and many more; and art icons such as Brian Brake, Douglas Lilburn, James K Baxter, Maurice Shadbolt, and Denis Glover were all involved in NFU films.

In addition to the launch there is also a background essay by film historian Roger Horrocks as well as personal reflections by NFU alumni Paul Maunder, Lynton Diggle and Sam Pillsbury. Please visit the NZ On Screen website to view the films.