FD4W Site Rolls Out New Directing Course For Women

Posted Tuesday 14 Dec 2010

We recently got the last newsletter for the year from the UK's Film Directing 4 Women and their main news is that they've decided to run a 'mother of all courses' in March, making the most of their status as the only provider of women-only training in the world.

This will be a 3 week directing special for international female students. The course combines 5 of their short courses (Intro, cam tech,  docs, directing actors and FCP) with a whole lot more and access to high profile directors throughout.  As all courses are based on what they would have liked from other programmes and didn't get, they've designed this one as  a 'Once in a life-time, best investment you could ever give yourself ' type of course which pulls out all the stops.  See the full programme.
It doesn't come cheap, of course, as prices are in pounds - and of course, you have to get there. But hey, if you're a bit cashed up, the exchange rate is pretty good at the moment, at least.

International Study programme - Certificate in Film Directing 3 week course

14 March - 1 April 2011  $2495