Feature Film Producer, Sydney

Posted Tuesday 14 Dec 2010

The feature film Slag: Best Enemies began as a micro-budget film but has now been given a second life due to renewed finance tied to US-based distribution. Therefore the executives now seek a producer to lead the new production (currently financed), and ensure the creation and launch of the website (currently financed and staffed).  The picture, starring Ms. Gabrielle Scollay, is scheduled to be shot in late summer 2011- February to March. This is a 6 week shoot with 4 days factored for pick-up shooting approx 6 weeks after the principle shoot. This feature film currently has: * Most key cast attached. (There is still room for creative contribution here.) * 75+% of cash budget committed and signed off. * Key production and post-production partners committed. * A proven executive team including music licensing executive/mentor. * The committed resources to produce a 90 minute Feature Film completed to a 35mm film-out format. *Two U.S. based buyers and a producer/director at your side that has sold two other features to DVD and free-to-air television.

Remuneration is $75,000 + commissions/equity p/a pro-rata. This is a full time short-term contract through pre-production and production followed with a consultancy-based role during post-production and sale. This means you will be paid a division of the figure above in the range of $15,000 plus generous commissions and stock in equity.

Apply at www.powerword.com.au/webpages/position/producer.php