Kiwi Stories Get Own Series

Posted Tuesday 21 Dec 2010

Stratos Television is offering New Zealand documentary makers the opportunity to participate in the "Stratos - Documentary Edge Festival" next year. The independent free-to-air broadcaster will screen entries in addition to its sponsorship of the main film festival.

Stratos producer and director Deb Faith believes the series is a great way to highlight Kiwi talent and fits perfectly with Stratos' public service broadcasting ethos of providing a platform for producers whose work might not otherwise be seen by a wide audience. "Stratos and its sister channel Triangle currently attract close to a million regular viewers and this is just the boost that some smaller NZ filmmakers need," says Deb.

New Zealand documentary makers are being asked to submit their work to Stratos for inclusion in the festival.

In addition to screening on Triangle Television's Auckland channel, the series will be able to be seen throughout New Zealand as Stratos will be free-to-air through both digital satellite and digital terrestrial transmission on Sky and Freeview from March.