Nicole Kidman Back in Limelight With Rabbit Hole

Posted Tuesday 21 Dec 2010

Nicole Kidman has had her workaholic approach on hold for a time, while she took time out to raise her young daughter, Sunday. Now she's back in top form with her other baby, Rabbit Hole, a small, stark drama that has earned Kidman some of her best reviews in years for exploring what it means to love, and lose, your child.

"I now have a whole different set of experiences and emotions I'm willing to mine," says Kidman, 43. "At times, I don't want to work, which is what a lot of my choices have been recently, or I want to do one week in something. But with Rabbit Hole, I knew I needed to do this artistically."

Kidman produced and stars in the film as an anguished mother painstakingly coming to terms with the freakish death of the 4-year-old son she adored, even as her husband wants to have another baby and get their old life back. Read the full article at USA Today.