Rachel Gardner interview on Screentalk

Posted Tuesday 14 Dec 2010

WIFT board member Rachel Gardner has worked in the media since 1991, and at the forefront of NZ television production for the past decade. She produces for Great Southern, and runs a significant drama development slate as well as producing and executive producing both film, television drama and scripted comedy. You can find out what makes her tick in this new Screentalk interview.

It includes:

  •  An hilarious story about a disastrous academic interview
  •  How she started out in the film and television industry
  •  What it was like working on international success story Lion Man
  •  How she juggled family, a new baby and a gruelling work schedule to produce The Pretender
  •  Her experiences producing successful short films Truant and Fog
  •  Why feature film Apron Strings worked so well for her
  •  Behind-the-scenes dramas on TV series The Cult
  •  How Million Dollar Catch came about