Latest NZFC grants to WIFT NZ filmmaking members

Posted Wednesday 24 Feb 2010

Congratulations to Rachel Gardner, who has been selected by ACE (Ateliers du Cin�ma Europ�en) to attend Paris-based and Zurich-based workshops in March 2010 and join the ACE Producer Network.

The following producers have been granted NZFC finance through the Early Development Fund: Arani Cuthbert for One of Us (with writer Norelle Scott & director Chris Dudman); Robin Murphy for Shopping (with writers/directors: Mark Albiston & Louis Sutherland) and for Don't Fence Me In (with writer Brian Challis & director Miles Murphy); Sue Thompson for Sweetwater (with co-producers Jonathan Dowling & Andrew Beattie and writer/director Andrew McKenzie); Michelle Turner for Shang High 85 (with writer Nick Ward & writer/director Ellory Elkayem); and Angela Littlejohn for The True Picture (with writer Dianne Taylor & director Kirsten Green).