A Message From WIFT Board Member Debra Kelleher

Posted Wednesday 28 Jul 2010

Hello All,

2010 has been a year filled with cutbacks and cancelled TV shows, theatre has had limited ticket sales, films have been delayed and crews have waited while their start dates disappear or get pushed out.  Without sounding clich�d, although it is true that when the going gets tough the tough get going, I have been delighted at the help I have had in putting together the well supported 8th annual WIFT Awards. Doing so has reminded - even reassured - me that we indeed do have a thriving supportive community out there who - even in tough times - freely give their product, their expert advice and most of all their TIME.

The show this year will again deliver a star- studded top rating entertainment extravaganza with a few surprises. The Eradus after party will give many a chance to catch up and celebrate the successes of the year (there have been so many!) but let's not forget that the heart of the event is to support WIFT which, without such an opportunity to fundraise, could become yet another victim of the recession.

I would like to make a special welcome and mention to Susi Newborn, our new ED, and her side kick Nia, who have got their hands dirty with me, and had fun throughout, as well as my good mates and fair dinkum producers Gavin Wood and Ali Black. Special mention has to go to our Chairperson Catherine Fitzgerald who has supported us all through this difficult year, and just quietly got the job done.  Enjoy the celebration, you deserve it, and EUREKA cheers to all you woman out there who make a difference and are changing the world one frame at a time!

- Debra Kelleher, Producer of the 2010 WIFT Awards, and WIFT Board member