Call for submissions for Mapping Me Anthology

Posted Tuesday 13 Jul 2010

Mapping Me: A Landscape of Women's Stories is an anthology of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, photography and artwork. Its objective is to explore the connections - the invisible threads - that exist between women across the globe. To enter, women must select a category and create a story, poem, creative non-fiction or artwork.

  • Category 1. Stories of movement and motivation, restriction and escape.
  • Category 2. Stories about food and nurturing.
  • Category 3. Stories about, touch, love, sexuality or virginity.
  • Category 4. Stories about self-image, judgments, perceptions and observation.
  • Category 5. Stories about motherhood, family, marriage, fertility, birth.
  • Category 6. Stories of laughter, fun, malice, viciousness.

For round two, contributors' literary works must be original and unpublished. For work and entry guidelines visit the Big Idea website. The deadline for submissions is 1 September. Submissions should be sent to Orchid Tierney and Tamara Azizian at