NZ and China Sign Film Co-Production Agreement

Posted Tuesday 13 Jul 2010

Film Auckland has welcomed the film co-production agreement that was signed with China on July 7th2010 seeing this as 'a key tool for our industry in the generation of film projects between the two countries.' A screen delegation to China led by the mayor of Waitakere City, Mayor Bob Harvey, and Film Auckland Board member, Peter Rive occurred in June and involved meetings held with key government and industry groups in China along with studios and producers. This resulted in Film Auckland signing a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with the China Film Association, the largest filmmakers' organisation in China. According to Film Auckland Executive Manager Michael Brook, "China's interest in film is growing at a rapid rate, which gives New Zealand access to a very large and lucrative potential market. Already Chinese producers are actively looking at New Zealand for production partners." As part of Film Auckland's engagement with China, Auckland and New Zealand will be hosting the Asia Pacific Producers Network conference in 2011 which consists of an important group of 80 senior producers from all around the Asia Pacific region who meet annually to progress co-operation and co-productions. For more information please visit Film Auckland.