WIFT's Response to the NZFC Review

Posted Tuesday 13 Jul 2010

WIFT President Catherine Fitzgerald has given the following response to the review:

"WIFT's general response to the review is that it captures a vision for a responsive, flexible and collaborative organisation which many in the industry would love to work with, both as individuals and organisations. It is wonderful to see that the review recognises that the NZFC and government funding are both critically important in the on-going development of filmmaking talent, the wider film industry and films for NZ audiences. The culture shifts the report seeks are most welcome.  Some of the changes recommended have already happened at the NZFC in the last 18 months, but we would embrace their on-going commitment to the organisational model the review recommends.

The range of incentives suggested promise to reward success and recognise the risks and investment filmmakers themselves make to pursue their careers. They are also likely to allow filmmakers to position themselves to build on these successes.

In many ways, the work undertaken by industry groups such as WIFT NZ does, and potentially could, to an even greater extent, allow the NZFC to focus on its attention on its core function.   The amount of funding WIFT NZ receives levers other funding and a level of activity far greater than the NZFC could achieve alone. Collaboration is the key to a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

WIFT NZ would welcome an opportunity to explore with the NZFC the options for entry level training and on-going professional development at all levels and fields of the industry."