WIFT NZ Awards and Board nominations deadlines approach

Posted Monday 17 May 2010

WIFT NZ Award Nominations are due Friday 28 May.  Don't miss this opportunity to honour the women of the industry, sung and unsung, and their amazing work.  The nominations form is available here or from the WIFT office.

Also, all Board positions (7 in total) are up for election for the 2010-11 Year.  WIFT NZ is a membership organisation and the Board is responsible to the membership for the direction and strength of the organisation.  If you or someone you know would like to be involved at a governance level with WIFT NZ then now is the opportunity to put yourself forward.  Nomination forms available from the WIFT NZ office or you can download them here.   All nominations require a nominator and a seconder, and nominees can nominate themselves.  The deadline for receiving board nominations is Thursday 27 May.