RWC: NZ 2011 Festival Lottery Grants

Posted Thursday 07 Apr 2011

Industry website ScreenHub recently ran a story about the allotment of grants for activities and events associated with this year's Rugby World Cup. They said "The pie has been carved, with a mix of national and local events and ideas supported across a very broad range of activities to accompany the sporting spectacle that will be rugby. Amongst the (very long) list of recipients are a couple of film and TV related companies, NZ On Screen and Diva Productions."
NZ On Screen scored $400,000 for an installation project that will be "a stirring affirmation of the best of Aotearoa in 2011." The installation will comprise three zones: an identity gateway giving a stirring introduction to the rich diversity of our national screen culture; an interactive area made up of a series of kiosks and a state-of-the-art video feature wall. A 'wish you were here' e-postcard space will enable visitors to have their own image inserted into their choice of classic New Zealand film scenes, which can then be printed or emailed.
Arani Cuthbert`s Diva Productions scored $150,000 for indoor and outdoor shows featuring New Zealand country artists, including The Topp Twins.
See the complete list of projects awarded NZ2011 Festival Lottery Grants here.