NZ On Air 2012 Platinum Fund Programmes

Posted Tuesday 23 Aug 2011

New Zealand on Air has announced the programmes supported by its Platinum Fund for screening in 2012. Funding has been allocated to two strong drama projects What Really Happened? The Women's Vote and City Under Siege. What Really Happened... is about the fight for women's suffrage led by Kate Sheppard. City Under Siege will tell the story of the 2009 Napier siege. Also allocated funding is Wild at Heart, With Strings Attached, and Nga Reo Hou. Wild at Heart - a six episode series from Natural History New Zealand - is about New Zealand's National Parks. With Strings Attached will feature the NZ Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with Che Fu and Fat Freddy's Drop. Nga Reo Hou will feature six Maori plays staged for television.