Thanks to Welcome to The Firm Participants

Posted Wednesday 14 Dec 2011

WIFT NZ would like to thank all the wonderful women who gave up a fabulous sunny Saturday afternoon to join us at St Columba in Ponsonby for one of the most anticipated events on the WIFT NZ calendar - Welcome to the Firm. In particular, we would like to thank Debra Kelleher, Melanie Langlotz, Bernadette Kelly, Amanda Beckett, Jaquie Brown, Roseanne Liang, Elizabeth McRae, Catherine Madigan, Angel McNamara, Roi MacGregor and Claudia Pond-Eyley. A special thanks also to those who stayed on to form part of the Employers' Panel (see photo) where they were asked to tell the audience what piece of advice, looking back, they wished they had been given on entering the industry. This was followed by a lively debate with the audience before reluctantly having to leave as our time was up!


Left to right: Bernadette Kelly, Melanie Langlotz, Kathryn Graham, Catherine Madigan, Claudia Pond-Eyley, Debra Kelleher, Emma Hinton and Angel McNamara.