An Intern in Search of Superwomen

Posted Tuesday 12 Jul 2011

2011 WIFT NZ intern Lorraine Reinsberger is looking for Auckland based superwomen to appear in her end of year documentary project.  She is hoping to find several women between the ages of 13 and 70 who have assumed multiple roles in the lives - working women who hold down demanding professional jobs, who are expected to be great mothers, attentive spouses, extended family coordinators, resourceful meal planners, interesting sex partners and not just do it well ... but live up to the unrealistic expectations encoded in female role model depictions in the media.  Lorraine believes that in spite of the gains women have made over the past few decades, women's 'liberation' hasn't always turned out to be liberating.  She is especially interested in talking with women who have succeeded in resisting the 'superwoman syndrome'. If you would like to be involved in this fascinating project, please get in touch with Lorraine via email at or phone at 021 121 4829.