TVNZ Caption Producer, Auckland

Posted Tuesday 26 Jul 2011

The TVNZ Captioning Team produce and edit subtitles for programmes shown on air, which are accessed primarily by deaf and hearing-impaired viewers. TVNZ is looking for a new full-time Caption Producer.

TVNZ's Caption Producers have a love of words, syntax and language. If you often find yourself in the role of 'grammar and spelling police', you will be welcomed into a team of like-minded individuals!

A fast touch-typist with a well-honed attention to detail and sense of accuracy, you will fly through the training provided. A sound general knowledge, interest in current affairs and popular culture and a cool, calm approach to 'live to air' deadlines will help you excel in this role. Editing experience or an Arts degree or similar is preferable for this entry-level position.

If you are a grammar geek looking for a new set of skills, please apply for the role of Caption Producer today. This full-time role involves shift work. Application close 27 July.

To read the full job description and to apply, please go to the TVNZ careers website.