Athena Film Festival: Call for Submissions

Posted Tuesday 28 Jun 2011

Films have power. They create conversation. They reveal truths. They inspire. But for too many generations, Hollywood has told only half the story: too often, what is missing are the stories of women as change agents and heroes in their own right. The second annual Athena Festival, founded by Women and Hollywood's Melissa Silverstein, will take place at Barnard College in NYC in the US next year from 9-12 February. Athena aims to expand the definition of what it means to be a female leader, highlighting the many ways that women can and do make a difference. The program exhibits a wide range of films including Academy Award-nominated films, top tier features, documentaries, and shorts--including U.S. and world premieres. Festival audiences are invited to engage in conversations with directors, writers, and producers that challenge convention and examine leadership with a new lens.

They are keen to ensure that women filmmakers across the globe have the opportunity to become involved, so are calling for submissions for the festival - to arrive by 15 September.
The Athena Film Festival will accept submissions of documentaries, features and shorts from June 15-September 15 and is looking for films:

  • That will reveal the diverse narratives of women leaders from all walks of life-narratives of ambition, courage, strength and resilience.

  • That will showcase women leaders who help us interpret the reality of the modern world-captivating stories of truth, determination, innovation and vision.

  • That highlight the talents of emerging artists--films that capture a new generation's take on what makes exemplary women leaders.

Check out the Athena Festival website for full info.