Indiegogo Campaign

Posted Tuesday 17 May 2011

Remember that 'site we like' we mentioned? Well here's a worthy example of it in action.

The filmmakers are looking for support and/or involvement for a project about postpartum psychosis, TEARS OF A CLOWN.

May is Postpartum Awareness Month and the filmmakers are trying to not only spread awareness about the film, but about postpartum illnesses as well.
Postpartum Psychosis drove Cheryl McIntosh to drown her own infant son. Now recently paroled, she must begin the tumultuous journey of starting over, all the while encountering the people from her past and her own haunting memories of the son she murdered.
Convicted felon, Cheryl McIntosh, has paroled to her old neighborhood, only to find she is ostracized by her very own community. Labeled a "baby killer", she is finding it difficult to start over and regain some semblance of normality in her life. With the help of the parole mandated program at New Life Community, Cheryl begins the tumultuous road to getting re-acclimated to society. Her fragile new world is shattered when she encounters her ex-husband and the child that should've been hers.

See the fundraising effort here.