Auckland Event Reminder: Welcome To The Firm

Posted Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

Interns, graduates and fledgling film industry faces - this one's a 'must do' event for you! Every year WIFT NZ runs a Welcome to the Firm event to help you find out everything you need to know about the industry, and network with those already making it. Pick their brains, gather their tips and note their names - it could be your ticket to a new job in the new year.
(Not to mention that this is a great event for established industry faces to talk to new talent and find a new protogee or mentee.)

Read more info here.

AND...don't forget that in a couple of weeks on 13 December we also have our Interns' Showcase. These are students in their final year of film school and if the screenings were anything like last year, you are in for a treat! (See later this enews for info about one of our last year's interns who is off on a scholarship to the US!)
This event is open to all members of the screen industry, interns, their families and crew, fellow film school students...anyone who likes a good evening out.