Local Content Holds Its Own: NZ On Air Releases Annual Report

Posted Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

NZ On Air recently released its annual report, paying particular tribute to Christchurch broadcast and screen personnel affected by the earthquakes. "Despite considerable personal impact, Canterbury broadcasters and programme makers have been intent on ensuring stories of their region are being conveyed to the wider world," said NZ On Air chief executive Jane Wrightson. "This week Gerard Smyth's documentary When A City Falls premieres in Christchurch and will later screen on TV3. Greenstone's Five Days In The Red Zone for TV One was a finalist in last week's AFTA TV craft awards. These funded programmes will be joined by Paua Productions' A Shocking Reminder in 2012 on Prime TV", she said.

NZ On Air also noted that the most hours of successful TV drama and comedy for a decade had been supported. New music funding scheme MakingTracks went live, aimed squarely at increasing the diversity of funded NZ music, and a new project providing audio description services for visually impaired viewers was also launched.
The full annual report can be read here.