Males Have More Roles and Wear More Clothes in Them

Posted Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

This recent article in the LA Times contributes some more to the male/female representation in film debate with the findings of a USC study. 'According to a survey of 2009 films, male roles far outweigh those for women, females are far more likely to be scantily dressed, and a storyteller's sex affects what's depicted on-screen.'
No real surprises there then, although we'd suggest that current women's fashion has more skin revealing items in it anyway, so it's a given that they also wear scantier clothes on-screen. (Should stubbies come back into mainstream fashion for men, we're sure this particular inequality would be addressed.)

In a related Women and Hollywood post, Melissa Silverstein adds some numbers to the mix, noting that women make up only 33% of speaking roles, and does her own analysis of the results.