Prescreen: A New Way to Market and Watch Films

Posted Tuesday 01 Nov 2011

If you haven't yet heard of Prescreen, pop along to the site and register pronto. A Groupon (GrabOne-style site for films, it offers trendspotters a way to find new films, and filmmakers a way to find audiences and gain exposure.
Here's how it works:
One new film is offered each day for purchase, and the price of the film going up after the initial release on the site - so it pays to check in every day for the cheapest films. You have 60 days to watch each film bought from the site. Note that not all films are licensed for distribution in all countries, so here in NZ it can be a bit of a tease when you see a good feature. However, good news for filmmakers - they are also looking for films...
Slashfilm ran this story about the release of Prescreen with more info.